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Livescribe Wins Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning

We are excited to announce that Livescribe has won Tech & Learning’s Award of Excellence in the category of “Best Upgraded Product.”  This award honors products that have made significant enhancements to previous versions of the same product that have evolved to meet the changing needs of technology. We were selected amongst other leading names in education technology including Adobe, SMART, and RM.

Tech & Learning’s Awards of Excellence are chosen by a team of 30 educators from around the country including New York City Department of Education, the University of Michigan, and top Tech & Learning advisors. We are honored to have been selected for our commitment to supporting classroom teachers and administrators.

This write up can be found in the December Issue of Tech & Learning, or online here.

This unique interactive pen records what you hear, say, and write. The microphone records clear sound, and a built-in speaker plays back crisp audio. An infrared camera captures everything written on dot paper, and users can link recordings to what they’ve written; simply tap notes to hear the recordings. Users can save and share notes on a computer, iPhone, or iPad via a USB connection. The pen also includes a calculator function that can be activated on dot paper. The judges found the Smartpen an effective note-taking tool for students that also helps them develop better note-taking skills. They also appreciated how easy it was for students to use by themselves.

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Congratulations to Tech & Learning Leaders of the Year!

Livescribe is proud to congratulate the winners of the 23rd Annual Tech & Learning Leader of the Year award.  The honor recognizes these individuals as the top education technology leaders in the country. Each winner utilizes technology is an incredible way in their school / district.



Brian MannixSeventh-grade social studies teacher, Great Neck South (NY) Middle School (In image, on left)

Never doubt your students or their ability to help. That’s Brian Mannix’s motto. As he says, “The more faith you have, and the more you turn that over, the easier your job becomes.” Mannix collaborated last year with his team teachers (English and science) on a Connected Classroom project. Now the three are testing it before it gets rolled out school-wide. Over the summer, the technology committee invested $20,000 on Dell netbooks and Apple iPod Touches for 1:1 and 1:2 connectivity, respectively. So far, Mannix’s classes have done a colonization project with schools in New Jersey and South Carolina, communicating via Skype and wikis. They are learning about digital citizenship through Digi Teen Project (, a program that links 11 schools from all over the world.

Julie CarterExecutive Director of Technology, Minnetonka (MN) School District (In image, in middle)

If you can’t access the technology, what good is it? That’s the underlying question behind Julie Carter’s ambitious plan to allow her teachers to personalize education to meet each child’s unique needs. In 2002 and 2007, district voters approved a levy referendum for technology and instructional equipment. The funding accelerated Minnetonka’s vision for technology integration from 11 classrooms in 2002 to more than 400 classrooms in 2009. To incorporate technology into every aspect of her district, Carter has done four key things. First, she figured out how to put the most computers into student’s hands. “Instead of a 1:1 laptop program, we focused on 1:1 access,” she says. Then she provided access to the laptop-loaner program. The third tier of her plan was to create MyMinnetonka, a portal for students, parents, and staff. Finally, Carter opened a guest wireless network at the high school for students to bring in their own laptops, smartphones, iPods, and other devices.

Kevin M. AndersonAssistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Oak Park Elementary School District 97, IL (in image, on right)

How do you move a school district forward? According to Kevin M. Anderson, it takes patience, people, persistence, partnerships, and teamwork. In five years, his district went from outdated computers, various operating systems, and an understaffed tech department to a high-functioning district where teachers use Web 2.0 tools on a fiber network. What’s more, he did it on a shoestring budget. From the technology committee he filled with community members, parents, technology experts, staff members, and teachers to the fiber network he put in place, Anderson executed his plan one step at a time.

Livescribe is proud to donate an Echo Smartpen to each of the winners.


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Livescribe and Digital Wish Partner for Education Discounts


We’ve partnered with Digital Wish, an online donation registry where teachers register to get the technology needed for their classrooms, to provide educators a 10 percent discount on our 4GB and 8GB Echo smartpen education bundles, which includes everything you need to immediately begin using the smartpen in your classroom.

We are excited to make our technology even more affordable for the individual teacher and are committed to supporting education and technology in the classroom.

You can register your classroom at to access this exclusive offer. Non-educators can also purchase Echo smartpens for their favorite classrooms via online classroom profiles.

For more specifics about the program, visit our page on the Digital Wish website. 

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Livescribe in Africa- 21st Century Learning in Senegal

Livescribe has partnered with CyberSmart Africa to supports 21st century learning in Senegal. Schools in this developing nation are piloting the Pulse smartpen as a portable, easy-to-use, powerful learning tool to enrich math, English language learning, geography and social studies. Follow the CyberSmart project at

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Join us at our ISTE Breakfast Presentation Next Week

Livescribe Educators: Are you attending ISTE 2010 in Denver next week? Would you like to learn more about bringing the Pulse smartpen to your school or district? Then please join us for our Breakfast Event on Tuesday June 29th 7-8:30am at the Curtis Hotel (directly across from ISTE convention center).

For information on how to register, please email us directly at

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Livescribe Wins AEP Golden Lamp and Distinguished Achievement Award

We are excited to announce that Livescribe has won both a Golden Lamp and a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP). This is the first time that one company has won AEP’s two top awards in technology. One of the largest and longest-running award programs for educational products, the AEP Awards have honored exceptional resources for teaching and learning for more than four decades.

According to AEP, the Golden Lamp is the gold standard for educational products. Only four Golden Lamps are awarded each year – one for Curriculum, one for Periodicals, one for Professional Development, and one for Technology & New Media. The 2010 Golden Lamp was presented to Livescribe in the Technology & New Media category.

The Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAAs) recognize the year’s top educational products in the same four categories (Curriculum, Periodicals, Professional Development, and Technology & New Media), but are judged only against products in their entry category, subcategory and grade level. Livescribe was recognized as the 2010 DAA winner in the Technology & New Media, Administrative Tools category.

Livescribe was selected as a winner by a two-tiered judging process made up of highly qualified industry experts. Winners were announced at an awards banquet on Tuesday during AEP’s Annual Content in Context Conference (CIC) at the Capital Hilton in Washington D.C.

Check out the Golden Lamp Award Announcement on YouTube.

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New Feature for Livescribe Desktop for Windows: Creating a Custom Notebook

Organizing your Livescribe notes just got easier. Now you can arrange and organize your notes by creating custom notebooks on Livescribe Desktop. Custom notebooks allow you to combine pages of notes from different notebooks into a single custom notebook. The notes that you include in a custom notebook will still remain in their original notebook on Livescribe Desktop. This means if you want to create customer notebooks that focus on specific student work or assessments, you no longer need to dedicate a specific printed notebook to each student or subject matter.

To create a custom notebook, follow these instructions or watch the video below:

  1. Go to the left side navigation (where your notebooks are listed with Livescribe Desktop) and click on the Create a new Custom Notebook.
  2. Name your custom notebook.
  3. Select the pages you wish to include in your custom notebook.
  4. Drag and drop the pages to your custom notebook.
    Or, right-click and select Add to Custom Notebook. From there you can select what custom notebook to add the pages to.


    Once you create a custom notebook, you can create a printable PDF file of your notes or upload the pages online to your Livescribe account. Click here for more information about custom notebooks.  

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The Real ROI of Instructional Technology

Today’s classroom is filled with students who have unique learning styles and needs. Districts across the county are implementing educational technology to attempt to address this diversity and transform the educational experience, but what is the real ROI of all of this technology? How do you implement a single technology that addresses the differentiated instructional needs for your students? What is the impact of this technology on your own effectiveness and efficiency in the classroom or district office?

Along with instructional technology expert and Livescribe Senior Science Advisor, Dr. Andy Van Schaack, we hosted two informational webinars in March that focused on addressing these very issues. Participants were lead through a review of the plethora of tools being used in today’s classrooms and the factors that influence their impact on student and educator achievement. Joining Dr. Van Schaack were several districts from across the U.S. that are currently using the Livescribe Pulse smartpen to drive differentiated instruction and improve student engagement and achievement. Each district discussed why and how they are using Pulse in their classrooms and district offices and the results they’ve seen.  

To view the archived webinars, check out the links below:

  • Scholastic Webinar featuring Johnson City Central District, NY: View now
  • eSchool News Webinar featuring St. Johns School, NY and Fairfax County School District, VA: View now
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Digital access, collaboration a must for students

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In a national survey that reveals K-12 students’ use of technology at home and at school, students overwhelmingly agreed that access to digital media tools and the ability to collaborate with peers both inside and outside of school can greatly enhance education.

via Digital access, collaboration a must for students.

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12 Ways Educators & Students Are Using the Pen Today

Check out 12 ways educators and students are using the Livescribe Pulse smartpen in the classroom. Most of these examples come straight from our users.

This article is now a page:  12 Ways Educators & Students Are Using the Pen Today

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