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New Livescribe Livebinder

September 13th, 2011 Tim Fahlberg, Education Sales Team Comments off

Livebinders are phenomenal tools for organizing, collaborating and sharing resources online.

I just created this Livescribe Educational Applications Livebinder that shares resources for educational uses for Livescribe smartpens.

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I’m back! [To blogging ... and more!]

This is Tim Fahlberg, K-12 representative for Livescribe for Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Today is April 14th, 2011 and I am very happy to start adding again to this blog which is now again my personal/professional Livescribe blog.

Just so you know – Livescribe’s Official Educational blog is here:

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Livescribe’s New Official Education Blog

Please visit Livescribe’s official Education blog at

Or click on the image below to go there.

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Livescribe Wins Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning

We are excited to announce that Livescribe has won Tech & Learning’s Award of Excellence in the category of “Best Upgraded Product.”  This award honors products that have made significant enhancements to previous versions of the same product that have evolved to meet the changing needs of technology. We were selected amongst other leading names in education technology including Adobe, SMART, and RM.

Tech & Learning’s Awards of Excellence are chosen by a team of 30 educators from around the country including New York City Department of Education, the University of Michigan, and top Tech & Learning advisors. We are honored to have been selected for our commitment to supporting classroom teachers and administrators.

This write up can be found in the December Issue of Tech & Learning, or online here.

This unique interactive pen records what you hear, say, and write. The microphone records clear sound, and a built-in speaker plays back crisp audio. An infrared camera captures everything written on dot paper, and users can link recordings to what they’ve written; simply tap notes to hear the recordings. Users can save and share notes on a computer, iPhone, or iPad via a USB connection. The pen also includes a calculator function that can be activated on dot paper. The judges found the Smartpen an effective note-taking tool for students that also helps them develop better note-taking skills. They also appreciated how easy it was for students to use by themselves.

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Congratulations to Tech & Learning Leaders of the Year!

Livescribe is proud to congratulate the winners of the 23rd Annual Tech & Learning Leader of the Year award.  The honor recognizes these individuals as the top education technology leaders in the country. Each winner utilizes technology is an incredible way in their school / district.



Brian MannixSeventh-grade social studies teacher, Great Neck South (NY) Middle School (In image, on left)

Never doubt your students or their ability to help. That’s Brian Mannix’s motto. As he says, “The more faith you have, and the more you turn that over, the easier your job becomes.” Mannix collaborated last year with his team teachers (English and science) on a Connected Classroom project. Now the three are testing it before it gets rolled out school-wide. Over the summer, the technology committee invested $20,000 on Dell netbooks and Apple iPod Touches for 1:1 and 1:2 connectivity, respectively. So far, Mannix’s classes have done a colonization project with schools in New Jersey and South Carolina, communicating via Skype and wikis. They are learning about digital citizenship through Digi Teen Project (, a program that links 11 schools from all over the world.

Julie CarterExecutive Director of Technology, Minnetonka (MN) School District (In image, in middle)

If you can’t access the technology, what good is it? That’s the underlying question behind Julie Carter’s ambitious plan to allow her teachers to personalize education to meet each child’s unique needs. In 2002 and 2007, district voters approved a levy referendum for technology and instructional equipment. The funding accelerated Minnetonka’s vision for technology integration from 11 classrooms in 2002 to more than 400 classrooms in 2009. To incorporate technology into every aspect of her district, Carter has done four key things. First, she figured out how to put the most computers into student’s hands. “Instead of a 1:1 laptop program, we focused on 1:1 access,” she says. Then she provided access to the laptop-loaner program. The third tier of her plan was to create MyMinnetonka, a portal for students, parents, and staff. Finally, Carter opened a guest wireless network at the high school for students to bring in their own laptops, smartphones, iPods, and other devices.

Kevin M. AndersonAssistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Oak Park Elementary School District 97, IL (in image, on right)

How do you move a school district forward? According to Kevin M. Anderson, it takes patience, people, persistence, partnerships, and teamwork. In five years, his district went from outdated computers, various operating systems, and an understaffed tech department to a high-functioning district where teachers use Web 2.0 tools on a fiber network. What’s more, he did it on a shoestring budget. From the technology committee he filled with community members, parents, technology experts, staff members, and teachers to the fiber network he put in place, Anderson executed his plan one step at a time.

Livescribe is proud to donate an Echo Smartpen to each of the winners.


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Livescribe and Digital Wish Partner for Education Discounts


We’ve partnered with Digital Wish, an online donation registry where teachers register to get the technology needed for their classrooms, to provide educators a 10 percent discount on our 4GB and 8GB Echo smartpen education bundles, which includes everything you need to immediately begin using the smartpen in your classroom.

We are excited to make our technology even more affordable for the individual teacher and are committed to supporting education and technology in the classroom.

You can register your classroom at to access this exclusive offer. Non-educators can also purchase Echo smartpens for their favorite classrooms via online classroom profiles.

For more specifics about the program, visit our page on the Digital Wish website. 

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From Traditional to Innovative- Guest Post from Livescribe Educator Sue Glascoe

September 8th, 2010 Sue Glascoe, Educator No comments

 From Traditional to Innovative

Last spring I was asked by my Dean to write a grant for technology for a new project that was happening on my campus.   The Arithmetic course was being transformed from a traditional lecture class to a series of hands-on workshops with the hopes of including innovative technology designed to help motivate the students, keep them engaged and give the instructors immediate feedback to student comprehension during the workshops.  

Since the Dean knew I was already teaching with quite a bit of amazing technology, she asked me to write the grant and get the technology in the hands of those who would be teaching the new workshops.

The first thing I had the Dean order, even before I had a chance to write the grant, was a set of Livescribe smartpens Read more… From Traditional to Innovative- Guest Post from Livescribe Educator Sue Glascoe

Livescribe User Brian Licata Wins 2010 Digital Education Achievement Awards

Great news! One of our smartpen users, Brian Licata a teacher at St. John’s Lutheran School in Staten Island, New York, was just named the winner of the 2010 Digital Education Achievement Awards (DEAA). The DEAA honors exceptional websites, digital technology projects and programs that have enriched education for students and teachers. Brian submitted a detailed entry that outlines his use of smartpen technology in his seventh grade math classroom, which ultimately earned him top honors in the K-12 Education Digital Application/Project category. 

Below are a few excerpts from the submission that highlight how Brian’s use of Pulse smartpens allows him to offer specific and timely feedback that meets each individual student’s needs. We hope you think this use of smartpen technology is as powerful as the Center for Digital Education’s judges did.  
Congrats to Brian on this well-earned achievement! 
“This project started from an instruction standpoint where I as the teacher was recording my lessons for my students to review at home. […] This turned my 45 minute periods into 24/7 teaching.  I soon saw the potential of these pens when I made a mathematical error and a few students pointed it out to me. I thought to myself that I wish I could hear them explain their math, the way that I had been explaining mine.” I now  “watch and listen to every student work out their math problems as if I taught only one student at a time, I can then go back to the individual student and develop a corrective plan of action based on their work.”
“This new technology has helped to change the way students are being assessed. In math classes around the world, students work out problems in their notebook. Sometimes a few students get to go to the board and show how they solved a problem. This means that the majority of the class checks their own work but do not learn from their mistakes. Even on collected work, the teacher often has a hard time following the pattern of thought from the student to determine where or why they made an error. The Smartpen has corrected this problem, allowing the teacher to watch their class work our problems in [real time]. This form of assessment has never been attempted with a class of 25.”
“The use of the Smartpens has greatly increased my classes understanding of and implementation of mathematical concepts. The ease of use of the Smartpen and the fact that it can be accessed anywhere is why this project has succeeded. All you need is one Livescribe pen and a notebook for this technology to work. Sixty pens can be synced to one laptop for uploading and one free online account can house all your students work.
See below for one of Brian’s recent pencasts.



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Livescribe in Africa- 21st Century Learning in Senegal

Livescribe has partnered with CyberSmart Africa to supports 21st century learning in Senegal. Schools in this developing nation are piloting the Pulse smartpen as a portable, easy-to-use, powerful learning tool to enrich math, English language learning, geography and social studies. Follow the CyberSmart project at

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Livescribe Launches Echo™ Smartpen

Livescribe just announced Echo, the newest addition to its award winning lineup of smartpens! Available in 4GB  and 8GB  models, Echo captures everything users hear and write and provides quick and accurate access to important information by simply tapping pen to paper.

Not only does Echo feature a sleek, ergonomic design, rubberized grip and standard headphone and USB jacks, several software enhancements were also launched with Echo. Software updates are available for both Pulse and Echo customers and include:

  • Launch Line: a new way to access and launch applications in seconds
  • Password protection: ensures recorded audio on your smartpen remains private and safe
  • Custom smartpen name: name your smartpen (or include contact information) so that when turned on identifying the owner of a smartpen is easy
  • Custom notebooks: group and organize notes quickly and easily (similar to creating a playlist in iTunes)
  • Pencast import/export: save and share pencast files locally to your desktop or a server. Notes can be sent to others as an integrated audio/notes as an attachment. Anyone with the Livescribe Desktop software (free download online) can now open, view and interact with a native Livescribe file
  • Pencast Player from Livescribe on Apple iPad, iPhone and iTouch: enables users to access pencasts anywhere they go with a simple touch (free from the iTunes store later this summer)

With the launch of Echo, we are also previewing new communication and collaboration applications that will be available this fall. Connect software allows users to send notes, audio and Pencast PDFs directly from paper to email addresses, online sites and other popular third-party consumer, education and business applications. Livescribe is also introducing collaboration software, Paper Tablet, that lets consumers communicate in real-time, directly from a Livescribe notebook to a Mac or PC using an Echo smartpen and a standard micro-USB cable.

Interested in using Echo in your classroom or district? Education pricing and special components (not available at retail) are available through the dedicated education sales team– to learn more, please contact us at or 510-553-4948 for more information.

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