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Back from ISTE – Did We Meet YOU?

The team is back from a very successful ISTE in Denver, Colo. We had the chance to meet many enthusiastic customers on the show floor and were busy showing educators and administrators what smartpen technology can do for their districts. Eight lucky attendees were given Pulse smartpens and we even had some time to record a few customer testimonials (see below).

Also, a big thank you to everyone who attended our breakfast at The Curtis Hotel. In case you missed it, Livescribe CEO and founder Jim Marggraff started off the presentation with a brief demo of the Pulse smartpen. He welcomed Sue Glascoe (community college math instructor, Livescribe customer and avid pencaster) on stage to show how she is using the Pulse smartpen in her classroom. (Click here to see an example and here to read her blog post about ISTE.) Holly De Leon and Andy Van Shaack were also on stage, outlining Pulse’s national adoption in education – 12,000 units in schools so far – and some of the efficacy study work we’re doing. A thought provoking Q&A with Jim concluded the session thanks to some great questions from current and future customers. It seems everyone wants to know what’s coming next!
We LOVE hearing how you’re using the Pulse smartpen in your classrooms. Post your Pulse smartpen stories here (as a comment) or on our Facebook page. For now, we’ll leave you with a video of James Gates telling us how the Pulse smartpen is making a difference in math and how it differs from other educational solutions. Notably, he talks about how Pulse allows you to record a lesson once but teach it again and again.

There also are two more videos featuring Jessica Aubry from St. Martinville Junior High in Louisiana, which has used Pulse for the past six months. In the second video, Jessica explains how students who are absent, or just would like to review an example from class, can instantly access pencasts of their teacher’s lessons. Jessica also describes how special ed students who need audio reinforcement are using Pulse.

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Customer Testimonial – James Gates @ ISTE 2010

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Customer Testimonial – Jessica Aubry @ ISTE 2010 (Part 1)

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Customer Testimonial – Jessica Aubry @ ISTE 2010 (Part 2)



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Livescribe at ISTE 2010 in Denver

Heading to ISTE? We’d love to see you there! 

ISTE stands for the International Society for Technology in Education AND one of the largest education conferences in the U.S. The 2010 show kicks off this Sunday, June 27 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.
In addition to our booth (#1084), Livescribe is hosting a breakfast event and participating in the conference’s poster sessions. We’ve included more details about these events below.
Stop by the booth or attend one of the events to catch a demonstration, meet the team or share your smartpen story with us. You can also connect with a customer or two (click here to read customer Sue Glascoe’s recent blog post about the conference). And, we’ll raffle off two-to-three Pulse smartpens a day – can’t beat that!
Livescribe Breakfast Event
  • What: Learn how to bring smartpen technology to your classroom or district.
  • Who: Jim Marggraff (Livescribe founder and CEO) will speak along with Holly De Leon (VP of Sales, K-12) and Andy Van Shaack (Senior Science Advisor). Livescribe customers will also discuss how they are using Pulse in their districts today.
  • Where: Curtis Hotel – 1405 Curtis Street, Denver; hotel is right next door to the conference center and the event is being held in the “Patty Cake Room.”
  • When: 7 a.m. on Tuesday, June 29. 
Interested in attending? Please e-mail for more information.
Livescribe Poster Session
  • What: Informal session covering the Pulse smartpen and how schools and districts are using Pulse today. Click here for more information.
  • Who: Andy Van Shaack (Senior Science Advisor) and Sue Glascoe (community college math instructor, Livescribe customer and avid pencaster) will co-present.
  • Where: Show floor –CCC Lobby A, TableP23.
  • When: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 30 (10 minute presentation repeats over 2 hour period).
Hope to see you there!
The Livescribe team




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Join us at our ISTE Breakfast Presentation Next Week

Livescribe Educators: Are you attending ISTE 2010 in Denver next week? Would you like to learn more about bringing the Pulse smartpen to your school or district? Then please join us for our Breakfast Event on Tuesday June 29th 7-8:30am at the Curtis Hotel (directly across from ISTE convention center).

For information on how to register, please email us directly at

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Livescribe Wins AEP Golden Lamp and Distinguished Achievement Award

We are excited to announce that Livescribe has won both a Golden Lamp and a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP). This is the first time that one company has won AEP’s two top awards in technology. One of the largest and longest-running award programs for educational products, the AEP Awards have honored exceptional resources for teaching and learning for more than four decades.

According to AEP, the Golden Lamp is the gold standard for educational products. Only four Golden Lamps are awarded each year – one for Curriculum, one for Periodicals, one for Professional Development, and one for Technology & New Media. The 2010 Golden Lamp was presented to Livescribe in the Technology & New Media category.

The Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAAs) recognize the year’s top educational products in the same four categories (Curriculum, Periodicals, Professional Development, and Technology & New Media), but are judged only against products in their entry category, subcategory and grade level. Livescribe was recognized as the 2010 DAA winner in the Technology & New Media, Administrative Tools category.

Livescribe was selected as a winner by a two-tiered judging process made up of highly qualified industry experts. Winners were announced at an awards banquet on Tuesday during AEP’s Annual Content in Context Conference (CIC) at the Capital Hilton in Washington D.C.

Check out the Golden Lamp Award Announcement on YouTube.

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The Real ROI of Instructional Technology

Today’s classroom is filled with students who have unique learning styles and needs. Districts across the county are implementing educational technology to attempt to address this diversity and transform the educational experience, but what is the real ROI of all of this technology? How do you implement a single technology that addresses the differentiated instructional needs for your students? What is the impact of this technology on your own effectiveness and efficiency in the classroom or district office?

Along with instructional technology expert and Livescribe Senior Science Advisor, Dr. Andy Van Schaack, we hosted two informational webinars in March that focused on addressing these very issues. Participants were lead through a review of the plethora of tools being used in today’s classrooms and the factors that influence their impact on student and educator achievement. Joining Dr. Van Schaack were several districts from across the U.S. that are currently using the Livescribe Pulse smartpen to drive differentiated instruction and improve student engagement and achievement. Each district discussed why and how they are using Pulse in their classrooms and district offices and the results they’ve seen.  

To view the archived webinars, check out the links below:

  • Scholastic Webinar featuring Johnson City Central District, NY: View now
  • eSchool News Webinar featuring St. Johns School, NY and Fairfax County School District, VA: View now
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Pencast Success Story from Louisiana

You may have noticed a spike in pencast sharing in recent months – so have we! (If you’re unfamiliar with pencasts, see below for an explanation.) We’ve also seen an uptick in the number of teachers using the Pulse smartpen and pencasts to promote on-demand learning and wanted to share a recent success story. Maybe it will inspire you!

Angie Treadway from Breaux Bridge High School in Louisiana records her daily math lessons using the Pulse smartpen and uploads them as pencasts. She encourages her students to access the pencasts when they need guidance doing their homework or if they are out sick and miss a lesson. Students can instantly hear Angie’s exact explanation from earlier in the day or week, reinforcing retention – it’s like having your teacher sitting right beside you!

Angie tells us, “Students love the fact that if they missed a moment or two of the in-class lesson they can quickly recap. They also love the fact that they can access the lesson from home if they are ill, and they come back to class ready to continue with the class rather than trailing behind. Parents LOVE the pencast because it helps them to help their students.”

Angie’s teaching methods have been so well received that the school board in Saint Martin Parish asked her to present her use of the Pulse smartpen and pencasts at the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE) Technology Conference.

To view Angie’s pencasts, check out her site:

What Is a Pencast?
Pencasting enables users to share notes, drawings or other content online as interactive Flash movies. It’s easy to create a pencast – just dock your pen and upload select pages to the Livescribe Community from within Livescribe Desktop. From the Livescribe Community, pencasts can be embedded onto a blog or Web page, or shared via Pencasting enables users to share notes, drawings or other content online as interactive Flash movies. It’s easy to create a pencast – just dock your pen and upload select pages to the Livescribe Community from within Livescribe Desktop. From the Livescribe Community, pencasts can be embedded onto a blog or Web page, or shared via Facebook. Click here to see a tutorial that we posted a while back.

Pulse Smartpen Named CODiE Award Finalist!

News flash, Livescribe fans!

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry, announced the finalists for its 2010 CODiE awards – a top industry honor for innovation in software, education technology and digital content. And we’re proud to say that the Pulse smartpen claimed a spot among five “Education Solution for Mobile or Hand-held Device” finalists! We’re going up against ClassLink Inquiry, Studywiz, Spark Mobile, SPARKvue and RefMobile.

Just so you know, the CODiEs are one of, if not THE, only peer-reviewed awards in the industry, which makes this even more exciting!

We’re anxiously waiting for the official winner announcement on May 25. Wish us luck!

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U.S. Representative James McGovern Introduced to Pulse

According to this article, U.S. Representative James McGovern visited Dean College in Franklin, Mass. on Monday to see how the college was using $150,000 in federal funds he helped secure to pay for upgrades in curriculum, technology, faculty and instruction. During a tour of the campus’ Library Learning Commons, a student named Karl McGrotty demoed Pulse to McGovern, who was impressed and said he could see Pulse helping students learn “coursework and real-life skills.” The college’s president, Paula Rooney, also chimed in – saying that Pulse “contributes to skills that set students apart when they hit the job market.”

We couldn’t agree more with these comments! Many thanks to James for his work to get new technologies onto college campuses, and to Karl and Paula for spreading the word about Pulse!

Sample Pencast – Small, Medium, Large Pencasts

  1. Examples

Taken from How to embed larger-sized pencasts


  1. Small:
  2. 228 x 316

  3. Medium:
  4. 342 x 474

  5. Large:
  6. 456 x 632

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Title 1 Conference

Title: Title 1 Conference
Location: Washington D.C.
Description: Livescribe with be exhibiting at the Title 1 Conference-please stop by booth #536 to see a demo and discuss bringing Livescribe to your school or district.
Start Date: 2010-01-21
End Date: 2010-01-23

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