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How to Add Pencasts to a Moodle

It’s very easy to embed or link to pencasts in Moodle.
I’ll make a screencast to show the process but in the meantime here are step by step instructions, courtesy of Stephen Howell, who’s answer appeared here.

1. Upload pencast to Livescribe Community site (you will need to create a free account). [See the video/post: How to Create and Share a Pencast for more details].
2. Make the pencast public (log into site and go to myAccount to make pencasts public/private).
3. Go to
4. On James Socol’s page (above) paste in a link to your file, here is an example of one of mine….
5. Select size you want the embedded pencast to be and click the ‘Push Me’ button.
6. Select All and Copy the code generated (it can be a little slow to
appear, but also sometimes does nothing!).
7. Log in to your Moodle.
8. Go to your subject page, Turn Editing On.
9. Click Add a resource… drop down menu and Select Compose a web page.
10. Give a name to the new resource.
11. In the composing window (Full Text window), click on the second last button on the bottom row of the toolbar, which is ‘Toggle HTML Source’ and looks like < > on my Moodle.
12. Underneath <br/> paste in your pencast code from step 6 above.
13. Click Save and Display and if you have Flash installed it should
appear in a new window and auto load.
14. Click Full Screen or just Play depending on students to present.