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Penmail for Parent-Teacher Communication

Penmail (voicemail created & shared via Smartpen) is an effective and efficient way to improve school – home communications. It requires very little training and yet it very inexpensively and easily allows teachers and parents to exchange short messages without requiring internetor phone access. It can also help break down language & literacy barriers. Penmail (Smartpen + voicemail) can easily be recorded by a teacher with a Smartpen on a page in a student’s Livescribe notebook and sent home with a student where a parent or parents can listen to it and potentially respond with their own penmail. If parents need to hear the penmail in a language other than one spoken by the teacher then the teacher can simply hand the notebook and Smartpen to someone who can translate the message.

Dr. Andrew Van Schaack shares much more about penmail (research, methods, etc) in the “Livescribe Teaching Strategy Guide: Effective Implementation of Pulse Smartpen in K-12 Education”. This guide is available from your Livescribe K-12 Educational Representative along with face to face on web-based training.

The video below shares the power and simplicity of pencasting. Both videos are captioned with the YouTube version’s captions translatable to over 50 languages.

YouTube version of video (new window): version (new window):
Download the Screencast mp4 captioned version here (13 MB): Livescribe Education Parent-Teacher Communications.mp4 Plays with QuickTime on Mac and Windows