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How to use Flick and Scrub

The following was copied from the Livescribe blog post
New Smartpen Features: Quick Launch and Flick & Scrub

How to use Flick and Scrub:

  1. Navigate to a list of vertical menu items, such as Main Menu or one of its submenus, such as Applications or Settings.
  2. Flip to a new piece of dot paper. Press the tip of your smartpen down for one-half (1/2) second.
  3. Wait until you hear a short beep, then without lifting your smartpen tip off the paper, draw a horizontal or vertical line.
  4. Your smartpen will automatically recognize this line as a Flick and Scrub control.
  5. Retrace the line to scroll through the menu items or app display text. The display text will scroll either up and down (for vertical controls) or left and right (for horizontal controls), depending on the direction in which you drew the control.

TIP: After you have created a Flick and Scrub control, you can use it at any time for scrolling. Just trace over the line to activate it (just like how you can re-use a hand-drawn Nav Plus after creating it.

The image below links to the original blog post which has a video
showing flick and scrub (the bottom video) and quick launch (top video).

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