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How to Use Quick Launch

The following was copied from the Livescribe blog post “New Smartpen Features: Quick Launch and Flick & Scrub

Quick Launch allows you to jump to an application, and quickly launch it.

How to use Quick Launch:

  1. Double-tap on the center of a Nav Plus. A double-tap is two taps in quick succession.
  2. Your smartpen will display an asterisk in the Main Menu.
  3. Within three seconds, write the first few letters of the name of the application you want to launch.
    1. For example, write “Pi” and you’ll see the smartpen auto-fill the rest of the application name. In this case, it will jump to “Piano.”
    2. If you just write the letter P, your smartpen will display the first app that begins with the letter P. From there, you can scroll to the app you want by tapping on the up/down arrows of the Nav Plus.
    3. NOTE: Your smartpen has a predictive text feature, so it’ll display the first app that matches what you’re writing. As soon as you see the app you want, you can stop writing.
  4. Once you find the app you’re looking for, right-tap on the Nav Plus to launch the app.

TIP: Tap on your letter or phrase (example: “Pi”) to re-launch the app anytime.

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