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SmartMap Application for the Livescribe Smartpen – An interactive zoo map

Wow! I just received an extraordinary email with a link to this YouTube video
(Video will open in a new window/tab):

Note: If you cannot view YouTube educational videos like this at your school then please leave a comment below and I’ll ask if I can share the video on

I think you’ll agree that SmartMap is exceptional. But it gets even better. SmartMap’s creator, Jacky Nguyen, wrote me to say that he “would love to share the whole source-code as open-source software to other developers, many of which might find it useful.” Isn’t that fantastic news?! I know that it’s going to inspire me to finally try my hand at creating an application and that it will help encourage and inspire many others to do the same.

I couldn’t agree more with Jacky’s comments:

I have developed a small application named SmartMap that can be useful to:
- Show others how capable this pen can be
- Give a working proof of concept how we can actually use the SmartPen with maps

On YouTube Jacky also shares:

The app utilizes all available features of the pen including:
- Hand-writing recognition
- Local storage
- Voice
- LCD Display
- PenTip events handling

I’ll share more later as Jacky and I have a thread about all of this.

Well done Jacky! — Tim

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