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Pencasting to Prepare for the LSAT

If you are preparing for the LSAT—the Law School Admission Test—then you know that understanding the reasoning underlying the test questions is key to doing well on the exam.  If you are looking for that type of insight, then you’ll want to check out this site: The Zen of 180 – Outfox the LSAT.  The title is a reference to the highest possible scaled score on the LSAT, a 180.  What brought me to the site is its extraordinary use of Livescribe pencasts. 

It turns out that the site creator, Mr. Bennett, is a Teach For America corps member and an admitted student to Harvard Law School’s class of 2013.  His specialty is breaking down the LSAT into it’s smallest chunks, called task standards like in traditional K-12 education, and allowing readers to actually watch him answer the notoriously tricky analytical reasoning section, also known as logic games.

Mr. Bennett’s shares his thinking and reasoning out loud as he solves Analytical Reasoning problems from publicly released LSAT questions.  Here’s an example of a pencast designed to improve your strategy in attacking an analytical reasoning game (it goes along with a released problem from the sample October 1996 LSAT):


In Mr. Bennett’s own words, "If you take one thing away from this blog, I want you to understand that what the LSAT measures—the ability to decode and comprehend text and then apply logical and analytical reasoning—can be learned. In statistics language, there is a positive correlation between the quality of test preparation and LSAT score." 

Whether or not you are studying for the LSAT, Mr. Bennett’s use of pencasting showcases how any educator can utilize the Pulse smartpen to create study guides or teach step-by-step problems more effectively. Students are able to revisit the educator’s lecture at any time to hear the verbal explanation and see the problem worked out step by step as if the educator was sitting there right beside them. 

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