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How to Add Ink & Audio to PowerPoint Handouts

Here are 3 different ways to add ink & audio recording to PowerPoint Handouts

  1. Print or copy PowerPoint handouts onto large (8 1/2" x 11") Livescribe dot paper carefully torn from a notebook.  Then take notes with audio recording turned on with your smartpen and the dot paper.
  2. Take existing PowerPoint handouts printed on regular paper and add Livescribe "talking dot labels or shapes" to them (see "How to Create Talking Dot Shapes & Labels). Start recording and then make a mark on them using the Record control from any Livescribe notebook page (you can even cut these out and paste them onto a 3" x 5" card or something similar).  The talking dot shape or label you use won’t have enough space for taking written notes but by tapping on the dot or mark you made later you’ll be able to hear the audio and add additional written notes to your PowerPoint handout.
  3. Cut up PowerPoint handouts that were already printed on plain paper and use a stapler or glue stick to affix them to Livescribe dot paper from a large notebook.  Then take notes to the right of the slides while recording audio.