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Livescribe-Enabled AAC Page with Words, Phrases, and Keyboard

Based on work by Dr. Andrew Van Schaack of Vanderbilt University. See 1) pages 12-15 of his Livescribe K-12 Research Report or 2) Augmentative Communication: A Low-Cost and Lightweight Communication Device with Natural Speech version (Use if YouTube is blocked)
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YouTube version:
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You can print a copy of the AAC page with words, phrases (and room at the bottom to write in the keyboard characters using this Word document: Livescribe-Enabled-AAC-Page-with-words-phrases.doc. Print it on a page of 8 1/2″ x 11″ Livescribe paper carefully torn from a Livescribe notebook. Use a 1″ margin at top and a 1.5″ margin on the left.

Direct link to screencast on (where you can download this video):