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Students Helping Students

October 17th, 2010 Sue Glascoe, Educator No comments

By: Sue Glascoe, Math Instructor at Mesa Community College

I taught a Saturday workshop a few weeks ago with a colleague of mine on the Livescribe smartpens,  the eInstruction Mobi, and Bloom’s Taxonomy.  It was a fun combination of topics!  As we were co-teaching, I found out that she was using her two Livescribe smartpens in a way I had never even thought of. 

Shelley Rodrigo teaches in the English department at Mesa Community College and believes that Livescribe smartpens are such valuable tools for herself and her students that she has purchased both a Pulse and an Echo on her own.   She brings them to her Fundamentals of Writing courses and her Women in Films course every day, and hands them to two students before the class begins.


Two students take notes each class period with the pens as part of their participation grade.     Shelley then posts the two sets of notes from each class on her course google website, where all students in her classes can view them.  Here you can see a pair of notes from her 9am Writing Fundamentals class.


She also posts notes from her class at a different time, for both sets of students to view.   This way if she approached the material differently, or added something in one class, all students would have access to those class notes as well.  

This is an excellent idea for having the students be accountable for taking notes in class, along with allowing the rest of the students to see two different perspectives of the content discussed during class.  

When I asked Shelley how she thought it was going for her students, her response was "This is working well. Some students regularly review the notes/audio, and others who have missed class are usually prompting me to get stuff up ASAP. For future classes with face-to-face components, I’ll probably make a more polished prompt (with more guidelines for notetaking)."

Here is an example of one student’s notes taken during Shelley’s Fundamentals of Writing Class:

Shelley has the students sign an authorization form to share their notes and to record their voices during class.   Her google website can only be accessed by students currently in her classes, even though the Livescribe pencasts are made public so she can embed them.  Shelley even has her students post comments and assignments through their twitter accounts!   Here is an example of an assignment post from a student in her ENG091 class:
I am impressed with the great ideas coming from colleagues whose goal is to help their students be more successful through the inclusion of 21st century technology in their classes. I am very excited to start teaching my students to use a Livescribe smartpen to take notes, and open up the opportunity for them to gain more insight into the material taught through the ability to read and share class notes with their peers.


LD Podcast with Dr. Andrew Van Schaack

Whitney S. Hoffman has an extraordinary blog, LD Podcast, which “is a weekly podcast about all aspects of learning disabilities and kids who struggle in school.”   Read more on LD Podcast’s About page.

You can listen to two very thought-provoking and informative podcasts by Ms. Hoffman and Dr. Andrew Van Schaack (Livescribe Senior Science Advisor and Professor at Vanderbilt University).

From LD Podcast:

The first part of our interview [Episode 95] focuses on using technology in education and what it can and cannot accomplish;

the second half [Episode 96] discusses the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen in more detail, including what kind of mental load notetaking has on the brain, how fast we can process information, the research data about why we take notes in the first place, and how we should be using them, and we talk about how capturing information is fundamentally useless without access.

Andy also shares some exciting news about an upcoming feature that will allow Livescribe Smartpen users to print documents on Livescribe paper, record voice comments and ink annotations using a Smartpen, sync up their Smartpen to the Livescribe Desktop and then upload and interact with a very special pencast in which you can see the underlying document and be able to interact with it by replaying the voice comments and ink annotations.  Stay tuned!

Livescribe – Notetaking – Research, pencasts, more

The very first section of  “Livescribe in K-12 Education: Research Support” by Dr. Andrew Van Schaack is about notetaking, pencasts, etc.

This 7 page pdf contains just the notetaking section: Livescribe K-12 Research Support – Notetaking.pdf

One of the key pieces of this section is the following chart:

You can listen to 2 podcasts on Whitney S. Hoffman’s wonderful LD Podcast blog in which Whitney & Andy talk about this and much more:  Episode 95 and Episode 96.

Andy’s entire 31 page research paper is linked to from this post: Livescribe in K-12 Education …

Livescribe Notetaking Service at U of R

The University of Rochester now offers notetaking using Livescribe smartpens and notebooks as an accommodation.

Read more:

Hopefully many more colleges as well as K-12 schools will soon offer notetaking service this way as well perhaps modeling their program after the U of Rs since they’ve created helpful documents (e.g., Lecture Recording Conditions) which should shorten the amount of work other programs need to do to offer notetaking using Livescribe technology.

From their site:

We are pleased to inform you of the technologically advanced note-taking system Learning Assistance Services (LAS) will be providing beginning Fall 2009. Most students who receive notes as an accommodation will now be provided with a Pulse Smartpen and set of four notebooks.

The Pulse Smartpen is relatively new technology that links audio (class lectures) to what students write (their notes). Students will walk out of each class session with a complete audio recording, and will have the option to play back their lectures at differing speeds, download their notes online, jump ahead in their notes, bookmark special pages, and so much more.

Please use the links below to learn more about this new service.



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