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Pennsylvania Educator Creates Winning Combo: Livescribe + Moodle + Pencast Player App

Last Christmas, Michelle Eichelberger, a high school physics, chemistry and physical science teacher at McConnellsburg High School in Pennsylvania, received a 4GB Pulse smartpen as a gift from her husband. As Michelle explains on her glog (an online poster that supports video and audio – see image), she now uses her smartpen to add interactive pencasts to Moodle courses for students. Additionally, she uses it to post meaningful assignments/examples for substitute teachers when she’s out of the classroom.

 Michelle is also using iPods in her curriculum. In her “iPod Project,” Michelle records video lessons that students watch as part of regular homework assignments. These recordings often introduce a new concept, allowing Michelle to spend valuable class time answering questions or leading roundtable discussions and labs. With the launch of Livescribe’s Pencast Player app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (announced earlier this week – click here for more information), Michelle plans to take this a step further by adding iPod pencast lessons that explain how to complete or solve a new type of formula or problem step-by-step. She believes this will be especially powerful time-saver because she can record a lesson’s video and audio simultaneously – something she’s been unable to do with other tech tools.  
This past summer, Michelle discussed her new approaches to teaching with smartpens during the 2010 Keystone Summit. All 100 Pennsylvanian educators who attended the multi-day summit received a 4GB Pulse smartpen to use in their own classroom. We hope to hear how these teachers put their new smartpens to use with their students – and when we do, we’ll be sure to post their stories here.

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Livescribe AP Physics Pencasts – Homework help pencasts

Professor Chuck Duncan of Kentucky Education Television (KET) supports his Distance Learning Physics using many, many pencasts. These pencasts breathe life and knowledge into his school’s honor’s physics students (and probably many other physics students as well).

Before you watch one of Professor Duncan’s pencasts be sure to take the time to view his First Pencast?: Intro to Pencasting at the top of the page linked to below (or view it here).

Professor Duncan’s pencasts may be found here:

Special notes:

  1. Chuck was featured along with two others, Julie McLeod and Kathleen Post, for their pioneering efforts in a blog post by Livescribe – Livescribe launches into K-12 education arena with Pulse smartpen
  2. Chuck’s work with embedding pencasts so elegantly on his website played a critical role in making it possible for anyone to easily embed a pencast into a web page, blog, or wiki either using a tool now provided by Livescribe or the small, medium, large embed tool created by a collaboration of James Dornberg & James Socol (see Jim Dornberg’s inspirational post about the power of collaboration).