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Business – Economics (Supply and Demand Chart Pencast)

Josh Fassl, an exemplary business education teacher and leader in the Monona Grove School District in Wisconsin, USA, created the “Supply and Demand Chart” pencast below.

More notes + YouTube video versions of pencast are below it.

Original: Supply and Demand Chart (Enlarged version – See note * below)

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I, Tim Fahlberg, gave Josh very little training on the smartpen (something like 5 minutes)**.   I think this is one of the hugely appealing qualities of the smartpen is that to record & share a pencast it takes maybe 20 minutes total of training:  Turn on the Smartpen, write your problem, tap record, explain your problem with writing, tap stop. Sync pen to Livescribe desktop. Upload session to online account.  Share privately or publicly as link to or as embedded video.

*Above I’ve embeded an enlarged (medium sized) version of the original pencast.  The embed code for this was created using James Socol and Jim Dornberg’s  brilliant Pencast Embed tool which was a really great collaborative effort (see Jim’s post “The Power of Collective Intelligence“).

** Okay well I should mention that Josh probably got another 5 minute follow up lesson from his wife Angie who likely showed him how to transfer pencasts up to the Livescribe Desktop and share them online from there.    Angie and another exemplary 4th grade teacher, Amanda Boerboom, both used smartpens last summer to create pencasts/mathcasts that were then converted into highly polished mathcasts by a team for the DLC/OSPI (WA) which were funded by OSPI and the Gates Foundation .  See the Mathcasts Library: 4th Grade – 2.

YouTube video of the same pencast are shown below Read more… Business – Economics (Supply and Demand Chart Pencast)

Livescribe Chemistry Pencasts by Dr. Bob Belford

Dr. Bob Belford has created many pencasts for chemistry to support his Preparatory Chemistry (Chemistry 1300) course at UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock).*

These pencasts complement lecture outlines and interactive quizzes which Dr. Belford “hopes to move to a dynamic site in the near future”. Altogether the pencasts, outlines, and quizzes make for an extraordinary set of resources for beginning chemistry students.

Dr. Belford makes an important note about how pencasts sometimes replay: “Please note that the [Livescribe] pen capture software has some flaws and some of the penstrokes are not presented as they were performed. Like when I cancelled out a unit, it is now showing that occuring as I write the unit, not afterwards. You need to follow the logic of the audio file.” I (Tim Fahlberg) have also noticed this in a few of my pencasts and will share this feedback and hope for a fix from the Livescribe software development team.

Dr. Belford’s pencasts are here: chem1300 and include:

1.C Pencasts These are experimental pencasts using a livescribe pulse pen. This material is under development and I am not happy with the way they are currently posted. Be sure to turn your speakers on. Read more… Livescribe Chemistry Pencasts by Dr. Bob Belford

Livescribe AP Physics Pencasts – Homework help pencasts

Professor Chuck Duncan of Kentucky Education Television (KET) supports his Distance Learning Physics using many, many pencasts. These pencasts breathe life and knowledge into his school’s honor’s physics students (and probably many other physics students as well).

Before you watch one of Professor Duncan’s pencasts be sure to take the time to view his First Pencast?: Intro to Pencasting at the top of the page linked to below (or view it here).

Professor Duncan’s pencasts may be found here:

Special notes:

  1. Chuck was featured along with two others, Julie McLeod and Kathleen Post, for their pioneering efforts in a blog post by Livescribe – Livescribe launches into K-12 education arena with Pulse smartpen
  2. Chuck’s work with embedding pencasts so elegantly on his website played a critical role in making it possible for anyone to easily embed a pencast into a web page, blog, or wiki either using a tool now provided by Livescribe or the small, medium, large embed tool created by a collaboration of James Dornberg & James Socol (see Jim Dornberg’s inspirational post about the power of collaboration).