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Livescribe – Transcribing Ink to Text (English) – New

Over the past 15+ months that I’ve been demonstrating educational applications of Livescribe smartpens I’ve frequently been asked: Can handwriting written with a smartpen be converted to text?

I’m always delighted to be able to say yes it is - with the only qualifications being that the handwriting (printing or cursive)
a) be readable to the average person and
b) be in one of about 25 languages supported by the MyScript for Livescribe software.  

Then I either demonstrate just how well it works or encourage them to view my YouTube or video.  If they’re interested I tell them to download the full version of the software and try it for 30 days to make sure it works for them before purchasing it or using the activation code they’ve been given for it.

The updated HD YouTube 5 minute video below shows just how easy it is to transcribe ink (printing and/or cursive) to text using a Livescribe Echo smartpen and the  MyScript for Livescribe add-on ($29.95).  The video only shows transcription for US English but MyScript for Livescribe transcribes ink in 25+ languages. YouTube version: Direct link: version with download link (below video)

Link to view full screen, download, or comment on:

Credits: This video was recorded & produced with Camtasia Studio 7 from TechSmith and an AVerMedia 355AF document camera.