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Education Example: Talking Test – TAKS Practice Test

There are times when a childs IEP will call for all test questions and possible responses to be read to the child. The IEP may also call for the student to be allowed the accommodation of responding verbally to the questions. It is a time consuming task for the teacher to have to sit with each child and individually read each question and possible response. By printing the test questions on dot enabled paper, the teacher is able to record the question and responses one time, and then use the same sheet numerous times with different students. If the child needs to make a verbal response, he/she can tap record on a blank Pulse notebook page and verbally give their response.

Presentation by Holly De Leon, Vice President Sales, K-12, Livescribe.

From "12 Ways Educators and Students Are Using the Pen Today"

Livescribe-Enabled Talking Test with Pencast Solutions

Demonstrates the ability of the Livescribe technology to

Part 1: Share a test which reads questions aloud to students (more slowly and privately if desired)
Part 2: Create solutions which explain with voice and writing through a pencast available on the web.

Special note (added 9/13/2011): You can also uses Livescribe Sound Stickers to add voice to an existing test, document, or object.

Part 1: The Talking Test

  1. YouTube version of video (new window):
  2. version (new window) – Download version (8 MB):  Livescribe-Enabled Talking Test

Part 2: Pencast Solutions to the talking test (Pencast) Image below links to blog post with actual pencast:

Many thanks to The Math Maker for creating the original talking test screencast and to Jim Dornberg (Mathcasts – handouts and links page on his wiki) and James Socol who collaborated to create the Pencast Embed tool which allows creation of pencast embed code of 3 sizes (I used the Large size above here). See Small pencasts can also be easily embedded using the embed code now available when viewing pencasts on the Livescribe Community.

Livescribe-Enabled AAC Page with Words, Phrases, and Keyboard

Based on work by Dr. Andrew Van Schaack of Vanderbilt University. See 1) pages 12-15 of his Livescribe K-12 Research Report or 2) Augmentative Communication: A Low-Cost and Lightweight Communication Device with Natural Speech version (Use if YouTube is blocked)
Direct link:

YouTube version:
Direct link:

You can print a copy of the AAC page with words, phrases (and room at the bottom to write in the keyboard characters using this Word document: Livescribe-Enabled-AAC-Page-with-words-phrases.doc. Print it on a page of 8 1/2″ x 11″ Livescribe paper carefully torn from a Livescribe notebook. Use a 1″ margin at top and a 1.5″ margin on the left.

Direct link to screencast on (where you can download this video):

Livescribe-Enabled AAC Pages (2 versions on YouTube Playlist)

Based on work by Dr. Andrew Van Schaack of Vanderbilt University.
See 1) pages 12-15 of his Research Report or 2) Augmentative Communication …

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Livescribe-Enabled AAC Page with Pictures

You can print a copy of the page with pictures below on Livescribe notebook paper that you put through your printer using this Adobe pdf – AAC_Page_with_Pictures.pdf

Direct links:
1. (Includes a link to download file)
2. YouTube: