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Livescribe Smartpen – How to Amplify Sound

Note by Tim Fahlberg added 10/17/2010:  The information below only applies to Livescribe’s older Pulse smartpens.  Livescribe Echo smartpens have a standard 3.5mm jack that fits your own earphones, the Echo 3–D Recording Premium Headset, or even iPhone earbuds with microphone.

Earlier today [11/16/2009] I received this question from an AAC conference leader/participant: "My BIG QUESTION is what speakers are compatible with the Pulse Pen, so it would have sufficient volume for AAC use?  The stand alone pen would not work in terms of the volume, although the potential AAC possibilities (as in your YouTube offerings)  would be remarkable if the volume could be increased." My answer, shown in the YouTube video below is that it’s not so much what speakers are compatible with the Smartpen but rather what specific adapter is needed to connect to speakers to amplify sound. The short answer is that all that’s needed is either a $7.99 adapter (a 2.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable)  from Crutchfield (see comment with link below by Dr. Van Schaack) or a $5.99 adapter from Radio-Shack (part 274-373) (it’s a 3/32" – 2.5 mm Stereo Male to 1/8" – 3.5 mm Stereo Female adapter plus some speakers with a 1/8" standard male connector. The advantages of the adapter from Crutchfield are a) it avoids the cumbersome male-female adapter sticking out of the top and b) it’s 3 feet long. [Thanks Dr. Van Schaack!] Once you have either the Crutchfield or Radio-Shack adapter you can either connect to regular speakers or to a sound amplification system like one by FrontRow, LightSpeed, etc. So my question to you is:  What applications does this enable you to now accomplish?  Sharing a talking Word Wall, AAC?  What else?  We’d all value your comments.  — Thanks!  — Tim Fahlberg By the way – I used JingPro from TechSmith along with an AVerMedia CP300 to record the unedited video above which I uploaded directly from JingPro.  But if you don’t have a document camera yet then I highly recommend the new AVerMedia 355AF which is a 5 Megapixel doc cam with 1 button video recording to USB stick or SD memory card.

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