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LD Podcast with Dr. Andrew Van Schaack

Whitney S. Hoffman has an extraordinary blog, LD Podcast, which “is a weekly podcast about all aspects of learning disabilities and kids who struggle in school.”   Read more on LD Podcast’s About page.

You can listen to two very thought-provoking and informative podcasts by Ms. Hoffman and Dr. Andrew Van Schaack (Livescribe Senior Science Advisor and Professor at Vanderbilt University).

From LD Podcast:

The first part of our interview [Episode 95] focuses on using technology in education and what it can and cannot accomplish;

the second half [Episode 96] discusses the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen in more detail, including what kind of mental load notetaking has on the brain, how fast we can process information, the research data about why we take notes in the first place, and how we should be using them, and we talk about how capturing information is fundamentally useless without access.

Andy also shares some exciting news about an upcoming feature that will allow Livescribe Smartpen users to print documents on Livescribe paper, record voice comments and ink annotations using a Smartpen, sync up their Smartpen to the Livescribe Desktop and then upload and interact with a very special pencast in which you can see the underlying document and be able to interact with it by replaying the voice comments and ink annotations.  Stay tuned!