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The Real ROI of Instructional Technology

Today’s classroom is filled with students who have unique learning styles and needs. Districts across the county are implementing educational technology to attempt to address this diversity and transform the educational experience, but what is the real ROI of all of this technology? How do you implement a single technology that addresses the differentiated instructional needs for your students? What is the impact of this technology on your own effectiveness and efficiency in the classroom or district office?

Along with instructional technology expert and Livescribe Senior Science Advisor, Dr. Andy Van Schaack, we hosted two informational webinars in March that focused on addressing these very issues. Participants were lead through a review of the plethora of tools being used in today’s classrooms and the factors that influence their impact on student and educator achievement. Joining Dr. Van Schaack were several districts from across the U.S. that are currently using the Livescribe Pulse smartpen to drive differentiated instruction and improve student engagement and achievement. Each district discussed why and how they are using Pulse in their classrooms and district offices and the results they’ve seen.  

To view the archived webinars, check out the links below:

  • Scholastic Webinar featuring Johnson City Central District, NY: View now
  • eSchool News Webinar featuring St. Johns School, NY and Fairfax County School District, VA: View now
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