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From Traditional to Innovative- Guest Post from Livescribe Educator Sue Glascoe

 From Traditional to Innovative

Last spring I was asked by my Dean to write a grant for technology for a new project that was happening on my campus.   The Arithmetic course was being transformed from a traditional lecture class to a series of hands-on workshops with the hopes of including innovative technology designed to help motivate the students, keep them engaged and give the instructors immediate feedback to student comprehension during the workshops.  

Since the Dean knew I was already teaching with quite a bit of amazing technology, she asked me to write the grant and get the technology in the hands of those who would be teaching the new workshops.

The first thing I had the Dean order, even before I had a chance to write the grant, was a set of Livescribe smartpens for the instructors to learn to use during the summer.   The idea was to create several arithmetic examples for each workshop that students could access outside of class, to reinforce what they learned in the workshop.   The teachers that were part of building the workshops eagerly started creating their first pencasts [interactive Flash movies of the notes and audio recordings]!

In the grant I asked for an eInstruction Dualboard for each of the two brand new classrooms that were being built as part of new Math Foundations Center.   I asked for a set of 5 Mobis for each classroom, a set of CPS Pulse Clickers for each class, and also a Lumens HD265 document camera for each classroom to use.

Luckily for us, and the students, the grant was funded and the technology arrived late in the summer.   The instructors will spend this semester learning to use the technology and getting used to the new environment before the workshops go live in the spring.

Students will no longer have to take the entire Arithmetic course.  Instead, their placement test data will be used to determine which workshops the students will need to participate in (and show they mastered the content) before they are ready to start the first Algebra course.

The students have access to a website that houses all the student workshop Livescribe pencasts, Flash slides, and student handouts, in hopes that the extra "help" available to them outside of the workshop will help reinforce the concepts taught during the workshop.  The pencasts are interactive visual and audio overviews of the math concepts presented in each workshop, and the Flash slides are interactive as well, but visual with no audio. 

The materials on the following website were created by the Math Foundations team at Mesa Community College.

The website can be viewed at:  Math Foundations Workshops

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