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Livescribe User Brian Licata Wins 2010 Digital Education Achievement Awards

Great news! One of our smartpen users, Brian Licata a teacher at St. John’s Lutheran School in Staten Island, New York, was just named the winner of the 2010 Digital Education Achievement Awards (DEAA). The DEAA honors exceptional websites, digital technology projects and programs that have enriched education for students and teachers. Brian submitted a detailed entry that outlines his use of smartpen technology in his seventh grade math classroom, which ultimately earned him top honors in the K-12 Education Digital Application/Project category. 

Below are a few excerpts from the submission that highlight how Brian’s use of Pulse smartpens allows him to offer specific and timely feedback that meets each individual student’s needs. We hope you think this use of smartpen technology is as powerful as the Center for Digital Education’s judges did.  
Congrats to Brian on this well-earned achievement! 
“This project started from an instruction standpoint where I as the teacher was recording my lessons for my students to review at home. […] This turned my 45 minute periods into 24/7 teaching.  I soon saw the potential of these pens when I made a mathematical error and a few students pointed it out to me. I thought to myself that I wish I could hear them explain their math, the way that I had been explaining mine.” I now  “watch and listen to every student work out their math problems as if I taught only one student at a time, I can then go back to the individual student and develop a corrective plan of action based on their work.”
“This new technology has helped to change the way students are being assessed. In math classes around the world, students work out problems in their notebook. Sometimes a few students get to go to the board and show how they solved a problem. This means that the majority of the class checks their own work but do not learn from their mistakes. Even on collected work, the teacher often has a hard time following the pattern of thought from the student to determine where or why they made an error. The Smartpen has corrected this problem, allowing the teacher to watch their class work our problems in [real time]. This form of assessment has never been attempted with a class of 25.”
“The use of the Smartpens has greatly increased my classes understanding of and implementation of mathematical concepts. The ease of use of the Smartpen and the fact that it can be accessed anywhere is why this project has succeeded. All you need is one Livescribe pen and a notebook for this technology to work. Sixty pens can be synced to one laptop for uploading and one free online account can house all your students work.
See below for one of Brian’s recent pencasts.



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