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My Livescribe Pen Experience [Graduating H.S. Senior]

By Kayla

This year in my Advanced Placement Literature class I was introduced to some of the newest forms of technology, such as Smart Boards, IPADs and the Livescribe Pen.  The one I enjoyed the most was the Livescribe pen.  Now I am not the type of person that likes technology- in fact sometimes I would rather boycott it all together, but I found the Livescribe pen extremely helpful and interesting.

We were able to use this pen and the special notebooks to do a project for class that would be helpful to next year’s AP Literature class.  We placed the stickers used especially for the pen on our posters that explained the definition or examples.  I liked doing the project this way because it was not only visual but also auditory and having forms of learning makes that definition clearer and keeps your attention.  I love being able to be creative on projects, and using the pen added to this.  I used a sticker for the definition of “frame” and also framed the sticker itself creating the repetition of the definition which helps keep it in your memory and vocabulary.

You can press on the word “definition” on the poster and hear it.  Also I included a picture of a type of frame- but then expanded using the paper and pen using the word “example” that you can touch and the pen will play the recording which explains it clearer.  It allowed us all to try something new and made it more fun and interesting.  Because reading a definition is sometimes boring and you could be really interactive with this and add more captions and sound effects if you wanted.

After using it in class and at home for the project I tried it out in one of my harder classes- Spanish Class.

Using this pen in a foreign language class was very helpful.  I was able to replay what the teacher said slower so I could try to translate it back to English to understand it, as I was having trouble in that class.

While I experimented with the pen I noticed that it takes some practice.  I found it is better to write down less notes or specific key points so that when you go back you know what that recording was about.  Also to pause in between and not continue writing everything you hear.

For example:  If a teacher was telling you how to put verbs in the different Spanish forms you could write simple notes such as this.

  • ¿Qué hora es? = What time is it?  (this is all you would write but the teacher would explain more about an example- and you would know exactly how to pronounce it.  Then later if you are studying  you could touch the number one and hear everything they said.)

I really enjoyed using and learning about this pen.  I think it would be very helpful during discussions with groups.  Planning a project you develop many ideas but sometimes you forget what someone says and you could go back and find out by simply touching the spot where you wrote a short note.  This year I am serving on a State FFA Officer team and we do a lot of discussions or brainstorming for workshops, using the pen would really help to jot down quick notes, record everything, and allow me to actively participate in the conversation.  It would also be helpful in board and business meetings so if someone missed something or made a motion we could go back and listen.  Also after we could all view and listen to the notes after they were loaded on to the computer.

As for me in college the pen would be extremely helpful as I will be taking a lot of classes that require me to take notes.  Again I will be able to use it afterwards to study better.  Also I think it allows you to focus on the teaching more in real time too, because you are not in your notebook the whole time taking  notes- you are writing quick notes and recording the rest to review later.  I also think it will help with group studying as you can share your notes.

Transferring everything online is also helpful.  With technology becoming such a part of our lives having things online to share with classmates, teammates or teachers becomes so helpful.  Overall I really enjoyed the Livescribe Pen and would recommend it to any student.  It can help you study better, focus better, and learn more.

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