Livescribe Sound Stickers – Applications

Updated on 4/1/2013: The new Livescribe Sky smartpens come with the Sound Stickers app built in. You’ll still need to purchase Sound Stickers from the Livescribe Store ($25 for 1,000).

Today’s post and videos were inspired by Dr. Brian Friedlander’s post “Livescribe Releases Sound Stickers App” in his “Assistive Technology” blog.

Livescribe Sound Stickers are small stickers for recording and playing back audio notes.

You can use them to add recorded audio to

  • Make interactive flash cards, study guides, and talking books
  • Record audio instructions or fluency assessments
  • Create annotated art projects and oral reports
  • Create talking tests or worksheets without having to copy them onto dot paper

More information is below the YouTube videos

5 – Talking Word Wall (with translatable closed captions

4 – Audio Math Flash Cards (with translatable closed captions

1 – How to Record and Play

2 – How to turn on and use One Step Recording

3 – How to Add a Tactile Marker

The entire playlist of Sound Sticker Videos is here.

For about $25 you get the Livescribe Sound Sticker app (for one smartpen – Echo or Pulse), 1,000 Sound Stickers (or about 2 1/2 cents each), and what I like to call a “non-inking stylus” which is a great thing to have if many students will tap on your Sound Stickers as it will keep them from getting all inked up (especially since Sound Stickers are quite reusable).
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