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Create talking sub plans with the Livescribe smartpen

Another great idea shared by a principal from Arizona who shares how her school is using the Livescribe Pulse smartpen.

Helping substitutes have the most success:

While lesson plans will be available in print form, details can be recorded by the Pulse smartpen.

When the substitute sets the pen to playback and touches the word “science,” they will hear, “Science materials are in the large blue box.  Each student will need two large discs and one small straw…”

Using this method can reduce or eliminate the time or need for typing out time consuming details that would not normally be included in lesson plans.

Additional comment by Tim Fahlberg:
If teachers need to create sub plans away from school they can use their smartpens to record them (with or without voice explanations) and share them through email as pdfs (for printing) or as talking sub plans (through pencasts).

Teachers can also share portions of sub plans or lessons publicly so that subs, parents, or students can watch and listen to them at school, home or work.  To learn how to do this see
Livescribe – How to Create and Share a Pencast (Mathcast)

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