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How to hide previewing of ink in pencasts

By hiding the previewing of ink viewers of pencasts get more of the experience of seeing notes as they are written and won’t see “ghosted ink” (previewing ink).

Since it’s not yet possible (as of 12/27/2009) to get custom embed code for pencasts with ink previewing turned off here’s what you have to do.  Be sure to show this to your students and/or peers to make sure they know how to do this.

I created the image using Snagit from TechSmith. I could have also tried doing this using Jing (free from TechSmith – www.jingproject.com) but it was much easier with Snagit as I needed to put 2 screen captures together along with text, arrows, and rectangles. I also needed to cut out various rectangular sections of the original images.

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