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SAT Math Practice – Interactive Pencasts from Rose-Hulman’s Homework Hotline

Once again Indiana and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology have demonstrated extraordinary leadership and service – This time by providing free online SAT practice/tutoring vis-à-vis  dozens of pdfs and interactive pencasts available at www.askrose.org/students.php?section=sat_practice

Each pencast and pdf was created using a Livscribe Smartpen by a student or students with lots of tutoring experience and vetted by an amazing team led by Susan Smith, Director and Janie McNichols, Assistant Director, of the Homework Hotline provided by AskRose.org.  This award winning non-profit is funded by Lilly Endowment, Inc. and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Free math/science tutoring for K-12 students in Indiana!
If you’re lucky enough to live in Indiana and have children in grades 6-12 that need math/science tutoring then be sure to visit www.askrose.org and take advantage of the free homework hotline that Rose-Hulman offers.  In 2008 over 44,000 students took advantage of this and I’m sure the number will be much higher in 2009 which is drawing to a close as I write this.

If you’d like to learn how all this got started read more under the image below.

In early 2009 Janie McNichols stopped at CIM Technology Solutions’ booth at an educational technology conference in Indiana where she met JR Gayman (VP of CIM, someone who really understands cutting edge technology). JR asked her what she did and was interested in and Janie replied that she co-directed AskRose, Rose-Hulman’s Homework Hotline, and was looking for tools that might help with it (math in particular). JR shared with her about how the Livescribe Smartpen could be used to take notes with voice & to create and share pencasts/mathcasts online and encouraged her to contact me (I worked for JR and CIM at the time) because of my long work with mathcasts and knowledge of the Smartpen. So Janie and I met online – only once or perhaps twice and she caught onto everything I shared about it a hurry (pencasting/mathcasting with the Smartpen and/or using Jing/Camtasia Studio with graphics tablets to create/share mathcasts).

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