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Livescribe in K-12 Education: Research Support

In March 2009 Dr Andrew Van Schaack (Vanderbilt U) published

Livescribe in K-12 Education: Research Support – A Review of Scientific Evidence Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Smartpen Technologies for Improving Teaching and Learning

You can find this seminal paper:

  1. Directly here: http://www.livescribe.com/media/pdf/education/Livescribe_K-12_Research_Support.pdf
  2. Linked to from the bottom right corner of www.livescribe.com/education/
  3. Using this TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/p7uess

Table of Contents for this 28 page paper:

  1. Endorsements from Educational Researchers
  2. Introduction
  3. Livescribe Smartpen
  4. Benefits for Students: Learning Support
  5. Notetaking
  6. Homework Support
  7. Accelerated Listening
  8. Assistive Technologies
  9. Augmentative Communication
  10. Audio/Tactile Graphics for Blind Students
  11. Benefits for Teachers: Instructional Support
  12. In-Class Data Capture: Assessing Class Participation
  13. In-Class Assessments: Reading Fluency
  14. Conclusion
  15. Federally-Funded Scientific Research Projects
  16. 2008 Funded Research Projects
  17. 2009 Submitted Research Proposals
  18. References

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